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If you’re just starting out as a speaker, you need a good sizzle reel to get yourself out there as quickly as possible.

Using your own video assets, logos, and photos, Matt will create a sizzle reel to get you booked!

Use YOUR OWN Footage

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Case Study: Juli Shulem

Juli Shulem had an existing sizzle reel, but it was poorly done and she needed results. She only had footage from two events, along with several photos of herself in action. Matt put together a sizzle reel that shows Juli’s true passion in helping people take control of their businesses and calm the overwhleming feelings associated with running them. Upon watching her new video for the first time, Juli was brought to tears of joy. She has since received praise and lots of business from her new sizzle reel!

Juli Shulem, CPC, PCC

Juli Shulem, CPC, PCC

Productivity & ADHD Life Coach

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