Platinum Package

If you want to take your sizzle reel straight to the top, the Platinum package includes everything from professional quality full-HD video recording to crystal clear wireless audio capture.

By planning, filming, and producing your sizzle reel from start to finish, you can be sure of stellar results!

Professional Quality Footage

Filmed On-Location at Your Event


Wireless Audio Capture

Opening and Closing Titles

Contact Info Slide

Testimonial Inclusion

Motion Graphic Elements

Engaging Music


Color Grading

Case Study: Stephanie Battaglino

Stephanie was a budding speaker with very little footage to her name. Instead of settling for a basic “1-2-1-2” video, she wanted to capture the power and tenacity that brings her presentations to life in the best way possible. She had heard many great things about Matt’s ability to capture the essence and heart of some of the most passionate speakers on the stage. Matt traveled to two of her speaking engagements (in Minnesota and Toronto, Canada) and beautifully filmed her engaging workshop and a compelling keynote. These events were filmed in full high-definition resolution on multiple cameras, complete with breathtaking shots of audience engagement and reactions. Stephanie was incredibly happy with the finished product and has seen much success in launching her speaking career!

Stephanie Battaglino

Stephanie Battaglino

Speaker, Presenter, Trainer, and Diversity Consultant

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