Gold Package

If you want to take your sizzle reel to the next level, the Gold package includes all the elements for success.

Using your own standard and HD video assets, logos, and photos, Matt will create a sizzle reel to get you booked!

Use YOUR OWN Footage

(Standard and HD quality)

Photo Integration

Opening and Closing Titles

Contact Info Slide

Testimonial Inclusion

Motion Graphic Elements

Engaging Music

Case Study: Phil Gerbyshak

Phil had several hours of footage from various events, with video ranging from cell phone quality, to Flip camera (remember those?), to semi-professional HD. Phil was completely overwhelmed with the sheer volume of footage that he didn’t know what to do with it or where to turn for help. He also gets nauseous when watching himself on film, so the problem was not an easy one to solve. He easily uploaded all of his footage to Matt via Dropbox and they had a brief email conversation about the vision of the project. In just a few weeks, Matt turned the mountain of video (totalling 8+ hours) into a beautiful sizzle reel, showcasing Phil’s innate sense of humor, technical knowledge, and charisma. His new sizzle reel has opened the door to more frequent and higher-paid bookings!

Phil Gerbyshak

Phil Gerbyshak

Speaker & Social Media Strategist

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